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a golden retriever wearing a Top Tag Pet ID a tabby cat wearing a Top Tag Pet ID a blue maccaw parrot a brown horse with a yellow mane galloping

Top Tag™ Pet ID

A Top Tag Pet ID with its water proof case.

The Top Tag™ Pet ID is the first complete-care pet ID tag! It protects your pet more than any other pet tag by providing complete care information to friends, vets, kennels, pet sitters and rescuers who may be responsible for your pet's welfare and special needs.

With Top Tag™ you can easily write, organize, store and retrieve ALL of your pet's important care information. And it only takes seconds to access Top Tag™ information on millions of Windows® desktop or laptop computers.

The Top Tag™ Pet ID contians 7 main categories and 14 sub-categories of information about your pet including: A Top Tag Pet ID in its packaging

  • Basic Information
  • Food & Diet
  • Behavior & Personality
  • Words & Commands
  • Nature's Call
  • Medical Information
  • In Memoriam
  • A Photo Album

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