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a golden retriever wearing a Top Tag Pet ID a tabby cat wearing a Top Tag Pet ID a blue maccaw parrot a brown horse with a yellow mane galloping

Does My Pet Need One?

Three west highland terriers wearing their Top Tag Pet IDs standing on a park bench

No matter how careful we are, there is always a chance that our pet may get out of the house or yard and get lost and then found by someone that doesn't know your pet. Or, you may be going out of town for a family vacation and leave your pet with a pet sitter or boarder. In these situations, your pet could be in the care of someone that is not familiar with your pet, their dietary needs, medical conditions and general behavior.

All of this information and more can be stored on the Top Tag™ Pet ID so that it is ready and available if your pet's care-giver needs it. If your cat won't eat a certain kind of food or your dog needs a certain medication for heartworm treatment, they'll know.

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